Halki Diabetes Remedy Review: A Diabetes Treatment Plan with Weight Loss Benefit?

Diabetes is one of the most distressing condition one can endure. If you or your loved one is having diabetes, then you should do anything to eradicate it as fast as possible.

Scientists had made great progress in finding the ultimate and permanent cure for diabetes, but due to the pressure from Big Guys, these kinds of information don’t come in front of us.

My Diabetes Situation

There was a time when I had my blood glucose reading of over 400, and I was overweight as well. In fact, I would say I was obese. There was no energy in me, and I was slowly losing my hope from my life.

But, one decision has changed my life, and now I am as fit as I was in my 30s.

That decision was to try “Halki Diabetes Remedy.”

After testing it myself and getting positive results, I came here to share my opinion in this Halki Diabetes Remedy review.

With so many diabetes treatment programs popping out every day, I know it is difficult for one to decide which one will work for him.

This is the reason I created this Halki Diabetes Remedy review. I am going to tell you about what it is and what it isn’t. This review is a must-read for those who are looking for a natural and permanent cure for diabetes.

Let’s start this review

First, take a look at its author.

About The Author: (Eric Whitfield)

Eric WhitfieldThe author of this book is Eric Whitfield, who is a 53-year ironworker, living in the Owego, New York.

He was living happily with his wife Cathy and three daughters until his wife Cathy falls into a fatal diabetic coma even after following doctor’s strict guidelines, and using prescribe medicines on time.

Eric decided to take the matters on his own hands and decided to find the root cause of diabetes and eliminate it.

He found his solution in Greece, where one of his co-workers gave him the recipe of two homemade dressings that Greek people are using to eliminate and prevent diabetes. Eric did the research on the ingredients (Majoram, Kohlrabi and broccoli sprouts) of these homemade dressings and found a lot of scientific studies on them.

Eric has provided this scientific evidence and the recipe of these homemade dressings inside Halki Diabetes Remedy ebook.

What Is Halki Diabetes Remedy All About?

Halki Diabetes RemedyThis is the unique diabetes treatment program based on the latest research that says diabetes is not caused by what we eat. Instead, it is caused by PM 2.5 particles that are present in the air.

To support his claim, Eric has shared a graph. (I’ve got the permission from Eric to share this graph in this Halki Diabetes Remedy review.


These PM 2.5 particles are everywhere; in your room, in ‘fresh’ air, in your office, in your kitchen, everywhere.

Although there is no way to prevent these toxins, but there is a simple way to flush out these toxins from your body.

Eric has provided all the information into a single eBook to help you access the information quickly.

Inside this book, you will find out:

  • Valuable Information on the root causes of diabetes
  • A diabetes-reversing chart
  • Salad dressing recipes
  • 21-Day Meal Plan
  • Recipes

The additional recipes you will inside this book contains ingredients that help in reversing diabetes. These recipes have one additional benefit, and that is WEIGHT LOSS.

This program doesn’t advice for a complete dietary overhaul. All you need to do is to add a few commonly available ingredients in your diet to get the results.

This program is available online, which means you can access it immediately and take it with you anywhere. Along with that, you will also get 60 days money-back guarantee that you can use in case if you don’t like the program or this program fail to deliver any result.

How Does It Really Work?

delicious dressingsThis is the most important section of this Halki Diabetes Remedy review, so read it carefully.

The main objective of this diabetes remedy is to remove PM 2.5 particles from the body. These PM 2.5 particles create problems in the body and stop cells in the crucial organs from getting nutrients that they need to keep working at their optimal level.

The human body generates blood sugar to breakdown foods and provides nutrients to organs that need them. However, with the high presence of toxins (mainly PM 2.5), cells can’t be able to utilize these nutrients. This raises the level of sugar in the body, which causes some serious health issues such as inflammation, high cholesterol level, and high blood pressure.

By flushing out these toxins from the body, the blood sugar level will remain under control and organs keep on working at their optimal level.

To make this happen, Eric discovered eight vitamins and nutrients that have the components of removing these toxins from the body. One such food is Kohlrabi, which is the veggie that contains sulforaphane and glucoraphanin; these two components repair lung damage.

The recipes included in this program derived from a small Greek island, ‘HALKI.’


Here are a few benefits of this program:

Backed by Scientific Proof: Many diabetes treatment programs these days just copy and paste work of old programs. Thankfully, this is not the same case with Eric’s plan. Halki Diabetes Remedy plan is based on real studies and proof. I verify it myself when I search for the link between PM 2.5 and type two diabetes.

Easy and Quick Recipes: I guess no one wants to make hour-long recipes as everyone has a busy schedule these days. Recipes in this book are easy to make, and they get ready in a few minutes. People with busiest schedule can also use these recipes in their diet.

Weight Loss Benefit: Yes, weight loss. Many users (including me) not only able to get our blood sugar level under 120 mark but we get one additional benefit, and that was WEIGHT LOSS. This is due to the metabolism-boosting ingredients found in this program.

Improves Overall Health: According to World Health Organization (WHO), 7 million people die every year due to exposure to PM 2.5 that penetrate deep into the lung and create problems such as stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, etc. So, by removing these particles from your body, you not only treating your diabetes but also improving your overall health.

My Results of Using Halki Diabetes Remedy:

Does Halki Diabetes Remedy work for me?

It Did!

glucose level after using halki diabetes remedyBefore getting it, I had lots of doubts in my mind. But once I started reading the book, my doubts start disappearing because methods make sense to me.

I decided to start with its 21-day program, and immediately within a week, I start noticing positive changes in my body. I start having more energy meaning no more laziness after having a meal. Additionally, fatigue was getting more and more infrequent. And dizzy spell that I used to experience twice a week was disappeared completely. Oh, I forget to mention, leg pain was gone.

Even after so many positive changes, I still want something unquestionable to proved that Halki Diabetes Remedy is behind all these positive changes.

I visited my doctor and got my blood glucose level tested. I tested before meal glucose level and it was 140 mg/dl. After using Halki Diabetes Remedies for five weeks my new before meal level was…

91 mg/dl.

I was amze with my results.

I knew my results would be good… but didn’t expect it will be that good.

Are There Any Bonuses?

Yes, when you purchase Halki Diabetes Remedy from its official site, you will get three valuable bonuses along with 60 days money-back guarantee.

These bonuses are:

Bonus #1: The Relaxed Mind Healthy Body Video Series

Relaxed Mind Healthy Body Video SeriesThis is the 10-part video series in which you will find out how the mind and body are intrinsically connected. By understanding this, you will able to utilize your mind power to heal your body quickly.

These videos go beyond diabetes management and tell you how to get healthy and wellness in all parts of your body by using the power of tranquility and stable mind connection.

Once you watch all these videos you will understand the importance of relaxation period and how to utilize it to get performance-boosting energy. These videos contain mental exercises that are important for a healthier body.

These mental exercises will put a positive impact on your mind and body.

Bonus #2: The Energy Multiplier Video Series

Energy Multiplier Video SeriesThis is another 10-part video series that teaches you how to improve your energy level while suffering from diabetes or any other health condition. If you have diabetes, then you know how fatigue it can be.

These videos not only teaches how to improve energy level but also teaches you how to use your energy level efficiently to remain fit and healthy.

These videos will also tell you how to remain fresh and tackle your problems. We are living in a society that puts stress on us. That is why knowing how to tackle it will be a huge benefit as we all know stress is the root cause of many problems.

In short, this video series will help you in becoming a ‘better version’ of your current self.

The more energy you will have throughout the day, the longer you will stay productive.

Bonus #3: Achieve Your Goal Video Series

Achieve Your Goal Video SeriesThis ‘Achieve Your Goal’ video series contain 10 videos that help you get self-improvement that you need to achieve your goals doesn’t matter how big or how small they are.

These videos will teach you how to live in your dream to achieve it. It is essential to live in your ideal life to make your life an ‘IDEAL LIFE.’ And this is what the objective of this video series.

The exercises provided in these videos are very straightforward and very easy to implement in your life. Once you perform these exercises, you will start noticing changes in the way you look at your problems.

All these little tricks and exercises help you in living a healthy and happier life.

Pros and Cons Of Halki Diabetes Remedy:

Take a look at some good pros and cons of this program:

The Pros:

  • People have reported that they have lost weight by using this program
  • This program created on the diet of a nation that has no incidence of diabetes and high blood pressure
  • This program can help in reducing diabetes symptoms
  • This program contains detailed and comprehensive information about type 2 diabetes
  • The program is available in an affordable one-time cost
  • This program is easy to understand and follow
  • There is no side-effect of following this program as it is natural and doesn’t contain any supplement
  • The techniques are scientifically proven to reduce type 2 diabetes
  • Customer testimonials are genuine, and I also saw a difference in my sugar level
  • This is a digital program that means you can access this program anywhere and on any device
  • The 21-day protocol not only reduces high sugar level but also improves overall health
  • It will improve your brain, heart, and energy level
  • This program is all-natural and holistic, and it is 100% safe for both men and women
  • All the ingredients recommended in this program is easily available from any grocery store
  • It comes with a very responsive 24/7 customer support
  • This program is backed by 100% money-back guarantee that you can avail in case if you don’t get results within 60 days

The Cons:

  • You will not find this program on a local store, and it is only available online from its official website
  • The results will not come overnight. It will take time to reduce diabetes naturally
  • This program needs efforts and 100% dedication to get results from techniques mentioned in this program.
  • This program is not recommended for people under 18 years and pregnant women
  • Customer support takes time to respond to queries.
  • The main manual contains a lot of information and research

Can Halki Diabetes Remedy Help You In Reversing Diabetes?

The whole purpose of creating this Halki Diabetes Remedy review is to answer this question.

live diabetes freeI would say this program can help you if you stick with its guidelines.

By using these guidelines, my blood sugar level never goes above 120 mark, and I feel my health has improved a lot as well.

Eric’s Halki Diabetes Remedy provides guidelines that remove PM 2.5 from the body, and thankfully, it is possible by including few ingredients in your diet. No dietary overhaul or exercise.

If you are tired of taking prescribe insulin shots and medicines, then it is the time to end your diabetes problem naturally and permanently.

You should prefer treatment that is natural and alternative to modern medicines, especially if natural treatment is scientifically proven. Halki Diabetes Remedy by Eric Whitfield is one of such natural treatment – a plan that can reverse diabetes naturally, and it comes with 60 days money-back guarantee. So, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Don’t miss out this opportunity.

What Are People Saying About It?

Halki Diabetes Remedy is creating a lot of buzz around the internet. One thing I can say with a complete guarantee is that this is one of the best-selling diabetes treatment plans for the past few months.

Millions of people bought the copy of Halki Diabetes Remedy, and only 2% of them ask for a refund. This proves that over 98% people are happy with the information they learn from this program.

With that said, I did my personal research over the internet to find out what actual customers are saying about this plan. Here is what I found:

“In the mid of Jan, I was diagnosed with diabetes. At that time, my blood glucose was 385 and A1C was 11.3! I was researching about diabetes and I found a post about Halki Diabetes on Facebook. I bought this book and began using salad dressings as it recommends. I just received my lab test report and within just seven weeks, my blood glucose level is 120 with A1C is 6.8! Thank you so much”

Steve Parker


– Steve Parker


“Eric is my hero! In the last week of July’2018, I was diagnose with Type 2 diabetes at the age of 53. My test result showed my A1C was 9.3 and my glucose level was 214. I was terrified and I look through the internet. I found Eric through a YouTube video and decided to purchase his book. I followed Eric advice and when my test result came on 19th October 2018, I was shocked and amazed to see my A1C plummeted to 6.3 and my glucose level dropped to 118. I have attached the graph to show my progress with this program. Oh before I forget, I am not taking any medicines either.”

Peter Goak


– Peter Goak



A1C test


“If you want to read just one book on diabetes, then this is it. I diagnosed with diabetes 16 years ago, and I wish I could know about it back then. I have controlled my diabetes through medicines but I also suffered from side effects. But after following Eric’s guidelines and using Salad Dressings, I have lost 35 pounds. This book helped me a lot. I can’t define in words, how grateful I am for all the efforts that Eric has put together in this book. This book is an eye-opener for me in various ways. Eric, I just can’t thank you enough.”

Sue Fung


– Sue Fung



Is Halki Diabetes Remedy Worth The Money?

yesHalki Diabetes Remedy is available for $37.

I tested this program for seven weeks, without any doubt, it worth every penny!

The in-depth information available inside this book is truly wonderful. I have never read that much comprehensive book on diabetes in my life.

This book tells you a truth about type 2 diabetes and also tells you what is happening in your body. Along with that, you will get steps to combat this condition and live diabetes-free.

Along with its six bonuses, this is one of the best deals you can get. The main manual alone gives an extremely high value of its money!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few common questions that people asked me so I think I should include them in my Halki Diabetes Remedy review.

Q: How Does The Program Work

A: In diabetes, your body and insulin level can’t able to handle your blood sugar regularly.

By including salad dressings, you are shocking your body to burn fat by increasing metabolism.

The Halki diet will help you in maintaining your fat loss and control your blood sugar. The ingredients used in this program are basic and found anywhere in a grocery store.

Q: Is This Program For Everyone?

A: Yes! This program works for everyone. People from as young as 23 years to all the way up to 71 are getting results from this program.

Q: What I Am Getting With Halki Diabetes Remedy?

A: This main program comes in a PDF format, and you can read it anywhere and on any device.

Q: Is There Any Money Back Guarantee?

A: There definitely is! The presence of a 100% money-back guarantee shows the author has a firm belief in his program. When you buy this program from its official website, you will get 60 days money-back guarantee along with its bonuses.